Busy busy bee

Posted on April 24, 2012


This weekend was one of those that I didn’t really accomplish much- aside from doing all the laundry. I also drank a substantial amount of coffee. As far as productivity is concerned- that’s pretty lame…


This was Saturday’s excuse of a meal. I shall call it “deconstructed pesto” and in the end it wasn’t horrible, and did the job. I had forgotten I bought basil, which is pretty sad, cause only a few leaves were still good by the time I noticed it in the drawer.

It took about 12 minutes to cook. Which was key.

Sunday we had another supremely lazy day. Not much happened other than watching A LOT of the history channel and then the Bruins game- which they won, yeeeaaaahhhhh bboooooyyyy!



salted & peppered a pound of ground beef

Set up the grill (which has been used quite a lot since we have moved- good $28 investment!)

Make 4 burgers – try not to let it stuck while cooking.

Add sharp cheddar cheese slices.

Lightly brown buns on grill

Add BBQ sauce – eat.

I clearly need to step it! I have seen SO many beautiful meals lately, I just need to find the energy, inspiration and motivation when I get home to do the same.

My boyfriend brought us all calzone last night- steak and cheese, which I’d never had in a calzone before. It was ok. Then again, I don’t have fond memories of ordering from Greg’s in Wakefield- or any to be exact. Apparently he and the boys ate from there with some frequency when they lived nearby…

As the only person who really knows our new neighborhood I piled us in the car last night and drove to ice cream! Yes, it was cold and windy last night, but my friend is pregnant and when she wants ice cream, my arm is SO easy to twist! Twist & Shake it was! Root beer floats are awesome, and I should make them at home… It would be way more cost effective….

I can imagine we will repeat trip (maybe even stop off at the beach too) in the near future…