Bring in Friday

Posted on April 20, 2012


One of the things that I always try to remember, and rarely do, is how to plan well while cooking. I do fairly well for maybe three meals in a row from one shopping trip, but past that… It seems hopeless.

I was just discussing this with one of my roommates as we ran to the grocery store in order to get something to have as a “side” for dinner. This was more of a matter of taste, we had things that could have been used as side dishes, but nobody was in the mood for them. Neither of us could imagine having a meal plan for the whole week.

After snooping around on blogs about photography and food, I found numerous wonderful recipes that I would love to try soon.

Poached eggs that I’ve never tried EVER.
–  Bacon & Blue burger
corn bread
– a tart for spring time!

Probably the best post I found today, which helps with the above mentioned meal planning issues, was about how to get your way though cooking for the weeknight.

Now to find something to eat for dinner, and figure out how to take less crappy photos of the things that I cook- no rest for the wicked! (Read: open bottle of wine, order delivery, take pictures of wine with different settings and light…)

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