Heat Wave!

Posted on April 19, 2012


I don’t know if anybody else felt defeated by the 80 degree April weather we were having, but I did.

It could be because I’m older that heat bothers me more, or it could be because I’m too cheap to want anybody to turn on the central air in April or it could be that my work boots don’t breathe all that well and I’m being suffocated from the feet up…


I had about 5 more paragraphs written, then the stupid WordPress app crashed and replaced all of that with the above photo… I am not in the least bit pleased. But… here, I’ll start allllll over again!

We were invited up to the suburbs for Sunday supper at Aunty’s house. As soon as I walked in I heard “Oh! Good! You’re finally here! White or red?!” This is a sure sign of a good evening, in my book. She had the grill filled with swordfish, corn (on the cob) and steak tips (chipotle lime and teriyaki) plus baked potatoes, and squash and some other sides. It was a feast – she even had the forethought to chill a wine glass for me, ahhh one of these days I’ll be able to focus on that many things and succeed at them! I love being a guest for dinner at Aunty’s house, it’s rare that I get there in time to help with anything, but when I do, it’s organized enough to know where to jump in.

When Monday rolled around, it was even warmer. While I was at work, I experienced the beginning of ceiling fan season, which has hit hard this spring. Hard and early! I almost didn’t want to move by the time I got home. Thankfully other people around me were motivated heavily by hunger, and we got to cooking – OUTDOORS. We have the grill set up about 10 steps from the kitchen door, which has turned out to be miraculous. Ribs, corn, rice pilaf, hotdogs (for the kids) one night, and burgers and fries another night.

The temperature finally dropped Wednesday night, I made tacos for dinner. I was tired, he was starving, I was not feeling all that creative, and I had to use up the ground beef I had bought at Trader Joe’s the other day.  This is why I occasionally buy taco meal packs and things like this, so that I don’t have to think while preparing a meal. The fact that it involves fresh vegetables is a lighter meal, somewhat makes up for the guilt I feel in eating processed food, and not actually making the food myself

I took some time to use up the rest of the things in the fridge that could be put into a chicken pot pie (using the chicken from the other night that I had kept on ice for this) using up the rest of the potatoes before they sprouted, this almost never happens. I usually find that the carrots are limp, and something has totally gone bad. I was so proud of myself for remembering to make the time to do this before the fridge was full of rotting veggies. So proud until…

…I ran out of milk while making the filling, I decided more wine, less milk – who cares! In the end, it was a bit watery, but my biggest critic said after his third (or so) slice tonight – “It’s really good, I don’t know why you would say it’s not great before I even tasted it!” Aw. He’s so sweet sometimes!

What goes good with a really quick, cheap taco supper?

It’s a sure sign of summer that the middle shelf in the fridge has been taken over by Sam Adams Summer Ale (hereafter lovingly referred to as “Sam Summer“) I used to be mildly irritated by this occurrence, but I really like Sam Summer – so instead of complaining, I make foods that I think will go well with it – see seafood)

when the cookie/taco crumbles... make a taco salad!

I now feel defeated by WordPress, and realized that I have much more paperwork for work that needs to be finished before I mess around with any of this anymore… My eyes feel very heavy, and my back is aching. Time to call it a night.