easter sunday breakfast

Posted on April 12, 2012


I would like to kick myself right now. I just spent… Oh, a good 10 mins writing a post on the app and then due to the low level of coffee coursing through my veins currently… I hit “discard draft” instead of “publish” seriously… Reading- it shouldn’t be that hard to do right now. If I can manage to drive to work, and type on an iPhone, I should be able to decipher simple prompts…

Easter Sunday- usually for me it involves a ton of driving, tunnels, tolls, loud family meals, and returning home exhausted and full. I had tried to prepare myself Friday and Saturday for all this crazy business and then I found out that two of my sisters were in different states (CT and RI, respectively) with friend’s familys for the holiday. The pressure was off!

I called my mum and she said not to worry about it, we had just moved, things were in disarray – we had each been working longer days this week than before, we should try to relax and get whatever we needed to get done, done.


I woke up early Sunday morning- apparently once you wake up at 5:30 in the morning for work long enough, it’s hard to sleep in- in fact unless I’ve had a decent amount to drink (read: 2 beers or 3 glasses of wine – cause I have ZERO tolerance these days, such a cheap date!) I can’t sleep in.

jet fuel

I made a huge pot of coffee, I like it STRONG. Nobody I live with really likes their coffee like this, you know, looks like it has an oil slick on top? One of my major malfunctions is, I can’t make a good pot of coffee unless I make 10 cups. It just doesn’t come out right. Usually this isn’t a problem, cause if I have time, I can drink it all by myself. I usually fill more than half into my “to go”/travel mug for work on a weekday morning.

I decided the heels of our lunch sandwich bread should be used up- I bought two loaves earlier in the week (cause I make 2-4 sandwiches every morning for lunches – for 3 people, not just for me!) and I wasn’t sure how well they’d last through the week. I did not however check if we had packed and moved maple syrup from our old apartment before starting to cook all this stuff – sometimes the timing of consuming coffee and everything else I try to do doesn’t always jive so well…

French Toast:
3 eggs(?)
Little splash of milk (or simply smart)
Little ground cinnamon
Little salt and pepper (freshly ground)

I found jimmy dean hot sausage in the freezer, I got it godknowswhen, in the hopes of making a big brunch with biscuits, gravy and all the wonderful things I once had for breakfast when I visited Louisville, KY. That was a breakfast of champions, one to remember. It would have to do looking a little lonely next to some French toast.

Cut into 5/8″ slices, put on heated pan, cook on a lower heat until they shrink up a little and brown- are cooked through- enjoy.

I found a cute little jar of maple syrup I got from my better half’s mother and nephew for my birthday stuffed in with the spices- it was just enough to have about a tsp or so left after the three of us ate breakfast. Success!

We ended up spending the rest of our day lugging crap around at the old apartment, sorting through things stored in the basement that I’m almost sure nobody had gone through since throwing them in a sloppy pile years ago, and now have MORE BOXES cluttering up the new place. There’s no winning, it seems. Hopefully the dehumidifier my dad was nice enough to let us borrow works really well in the basement so all our belongings can stay down there safely.

We returned home, exhausted (so that part of the holiday tradition remained) and reheated two different dinners from the nights previous (Indian takeout, which was surprisingly good, and chicken and sauce with pasta that I made) my dad stopped by on his way home to cook dinner around 7pm carrying a heavy dehumidifier for us to try (before we buy) and that, kids was our Easter.