moving and other headaches

Posted on April 11, 2012


I’m fairly certain that hatred for moving is universal. Every time I move (and I’ve moved a lot) I wish that I hadn’t saved quite so much crap from the past few years. Even when you want to move the actual moving and lugging of heavy and awkward objects is not fun.

After I had packed up all my belongings, I realized we still needed to eat — or did we? We didn’t need anything extravagant. In fact, couldn’t we just survive on delivery for a few days – the days without plates, knives, forks and glasses…?

I made mostly meals that would use up the things that I didn’t want to see in our new fancy fridge (it’s some kind of bosch that makes crushed ice in the door, led lights and all those bells and whistles) which ended up being fairly boring meals — involving something mostly prepared (i.e., annie’s mac n cheese or near east rice pilaf) because as nice as it would have been to order out – we still wanted to save money leading up to the move.

I now live in a house which has almost my “dream kitchen” – oh, hell, it’s my dream kitchen for a rental, for sure. It’s got a long peninsula, tons of counter space, upper cabinets (we didn’t have ANY in our last place, or the place I had before that) a dishwasher, a garbage disposal, a FIVE burner gas range and countertop outlets to code – did I mention that the microwave/range hood is vented OUTDOORS? It just about shows up the two bathrooms this place has with bathroom exhaust fans… This is the lap of luxury as far as I’m concerned.

We still have a million things in boxes – most of which have been picked through by your’s truly – but I can’t get through everything, and worst of all I can’t decide what is useful to another person and if they should keep it, so the boxes remain for the time being.

Tonight was one of the first nights that I got home to an empty house, a full fridge and still had enough energy to get something done.

I made baked mac n’ cheese with cheddar/gruyere cheese from Trader Joe’s (it’s all in one block of cheese, it’s not that expensive either, I don’t think…) and a bit of wisconsin extra sharp cheddar – I left it in a little too long so it’s a bit crispy on the edge, but with some left over grilled meats from last night, and some green beans it did the job. I also made some pizza dough for dinner later in the week.