Lazy Monday Meals

Posted on March 25, 2012


Sometimes a quick, easy meal is really how I want to end my day. Sometimes I like to try how this would taste with that, and concoct a new dish I’ve never tried to make, or tried to eat before – this can end up being a good experiment, or a bad idea, but interesting none the less. At times though, it’s nice to grab a few easily prepared things and whip them up in 20 minutes, not have to think all that much about what you are doing, and be able to accomplish dishes, laundry, phone calls, paperwork and dinner all in one go.

Annie’s mac n’ cheese: one of my favorite slacker meals. When we were little, we weren’t really allowed to eat anything processed, or bleached, or anything like that. We shopped through co-ops and ate organic, had sucanat (whole cane sugar that is unprocessed, unbleached and retains the molassas content, thus tasting very different and making all things it’s added to taste strange and molassesy) instead of sugar, almond butter instead of peanut, this was our eventual foray into the main stream, so exciting to eat something like that famous and intriguing blue box I’d always seen at my friend’s houses. Kraft, the unattainable – which I have since tried and think is revolting, but that’s another story all together.

Things to add to Annie’s:

  1. peas
  2. corn
  3. HOT SAUCE (pretty much any kind tastes awesome)
  4. freshly ground pepper
  5. bbq sauce
  6. tuna fish (though I’m not totally convinced this is a good idea, I’ve had it and not hated it)
  7. left over meats chopped up and mixed in at the end
  8. left over veggies
  9. chicken “nuggets” or bite sized pieces of fried chicken
  10. veggie burgers chopped up into bit sized pieces (usually good if you add corn/peas to this as well)

That is whats up with Annie’s mac n’ cheese and how it makes it to the table more often than I thought it would. Cause it’s really good and takes about 13 minutes to make.

Throw a vegetable on the side (like the corn we had this past monday) and a meat in or near it (like the super lazy way I went and grabbed the largest plumrose ribs package I could find) I wanted idiot proof REALLY quick sticky sweet meat for dinner, and when that plumrose stuff is on sale, I don’t play – it also makes a REALLY quick impromtu bbq go a lot smoother, so I try to keep a pack in the freezer for emergency bbq situations.