“Only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Posted on March 1, 2012


Well, boys. I would disagree with you there. I can think of at least a handful of things that I fear…

  1. Heights. Why? I don’t know. I was an avid climber of things when I was a baby, toddler, child, then at some point I just was not cool with them anymore. I don’t recollect any bad falls ending my love for climbing doorways to then climb into upper closets, or to the tops of cabinets and large appliances… I do recall an epic journey to Prince Edward Island when I was about 6 (?) and the tours of lighthouses being really crowded, and me thinking that stairs without riasers were NOT a good idea, and then crying as my dad carried me down the stairs. These days I can go about 20′ in the air, and then — my stomach feels like it’s going to drop out, and all I wanna do is crouch down real low until it’s over.
  2. Other people eating my food or drinking from my drinks. Unnatural though it may seem to some, I really am not a fan of sharing.
    If you are cold, I’ll give you my sweatshirt, whatever. You need a place to stay, we’ve got a couch. Need to get somewhere, I’ll probably drive you there, if I’m not working. Need a few bucks, I gotchu, homes.
    Wanna pick up my drink and sip on it, it’s your drink now. Keep on a’sippin’! Wanna eat off my plate? I have all of a sudden become less hungry, and will urge you to eat until you are done. I want no part in it. Germs to blame? Perhaps, I’m a bit of a germaphobe (or mysophobe), but it’s my thing, and most people just deal with it by now.
  3. Food shopping after work. It’s something nobody should have to do, to get food on the table. I loathe going food shopping on my way home. The aisles may not be much more crowded than any other choice time I’ve gone, but it feels more rushed, and while I’m looking at how to get to point B, from where I stand, past all the lackadaisical cart pushing people who look about as happy as I am to be there… It’s beyond me how I used to not shop until it was TIME to cook and I needed to get x,y, and z in order to make it. Screw that.
    And the lines! Oh, the lines. Even the lines to check yourself out, are LONG as hell. I have tried many systems, shopping for fewer than 12 items to get into the express lane, going to a variety of grocery stores (some ARE worse than others, but NONE are passable) I just go home now and  hope for the best!