“At least I taught her full Indian dinner, the rest is up to God.”

Posted on February 23, 2012


Every once in a while it seems like there are too few hours in my day to complete all the tasks I’d like to. When push comes to shove, cooking dinner and then subsequently blogging about cooking are the first to fall over the edge.


Cambridge, MA is chockfullah indian restaurants, always has been.

My cousin and I would constantly quote (the above) lines from Bend it like Beckham, our love for Indian food started when we were young, and our love of somewhat crappy films is ever growing.

In all of the hubbub of working too much, getting very little sleep, getting sick, and then getting stressed out, I found myself at Shaw’s (quite a while ago- perhaps 3 weeks or more now…) and I got completely blindsided by the fact that they had rearranged the entire grocery store. I literally had to go up and down every single aisle. In doing so, I found myself staring for an unbelievable time at the indian food/condiments that I’d never seen at Shaw’s before. I decided it was high time (roughly 12 or more years) since I’d made Indian food, and with not much preparation, or desire to walk much further in the store, I grabbed a few things and left.

I googled aloo gobi, and about two seconds later realized that I had neither potatoes nor did I have cauliflower. I moved right along and found a recipe for chicken tikka masala, and puri (which I think i’ve seen spelled “poori” too, I’ve yet to come to a conclusion of if there is a proper spelling and which one it happens to be…)


1 c flour (supposed to be wheat, I used unbleached all purpose…)
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 c water +/- (may need more to make dough pliable)

mix together in a bowl, comme ci:


Expect dough to be a little bit sticky. Separate into small balls (depending on the size of the fryer you are using. I made little balls that rolled out to be not more than 6″ cause I was using a 2qt sauce pan to fry them.

You should heat your oil now, and test it by tossing a little pinch of dough flattened between your fingers in and if it raises up and puffs – you are good to go! Most of the recipes that I read all suggested that you keep the puffing business up by spooning the hot oil over the topside of the bread, this seemed to work out pretty well. Cook until golden brown. Set up some paper bags (old school) or paper towels for these to drain on before serving.



I also made tikka masala and basmati rice, but I realized that it’s almost 9pm and I haven’t finished my taxes… haven’t even looked at them really – the guilt is about to set in.


this took about 35 minutes to prepare (and eat...)

thats what it looked like when it was ALLLL done. now to finish my taxes!