Chix, broc, penne

Posted on November 21, 2011


What do you make for dinner when you are overly tired and don’t really want to stand up anymore? Something quick, one would hope.

I managed to go food shopping, to buy for the fast approaching Thanksgiving meal that we are divvying up amongst family members: I got stuffing.

I also bought: coffee creamers, cheese, bananas and broccoli crowns. What, one might’ve asked, is going on there…? After the cashier and bagger finished a lengthy and excited discussion about Harry Potter and how exciting it was, we briefly discussed the overwhelmingly bizarre Extreme Couponing show on TLCs Wednesday night. We agreed it was beyond crazy, and though I agree it’s nice to get a good deal on buying groceries, clearing shelves and buying way more food than your family could eat before its spoils is a strange way to go about it…

When I got home, finally, I decided I’d make a pasta dish, cause, I really wanted to sleep, not cook. Neither I, nor the mister like white sauces. My goal was to make this without making it an alfredo dish. Results? “This is probably some of the best chicken, ziti, broccoli I’ve ever had.” This equals success, in my book.

pasta : a vehicle for cheese

Boil water for pasta
Get a good sized pan, heat about 2 tbsp butter and some olive oil (low heat)
1 small onion (or 1/2 med) diced
2 cloves garlic, either crushed or grated real small
white wine (I added about 1/2 c +/- of white cooking wine, next time I might use a little more…)
2 chicken breasts, washed and cut up to bite sized pieces
2-3 stocks broccoli, cut up into pieces slightly larger than the chicken

simmer the onions/garlic/butter/evoo for a few minutes until the kitchen smells good, and the onions and garlic are tender.
add chicken, broccoli cook until chicken is well cooked and broccoli is cooked but still crunchy – turn to low

in a small saucepan, pour off some of the oil/butter from chix/broc pan. add some more butter (if you dare) and sprinkle with flour while whisking furiously so as not to create a nasty pile of burnt butter and flour. if done properly, it seems that a roux bubbles and thickens slowly (at a nice low heat) and doesn’t clump. slowly add some milk (just a few tablespoons – i used simply smart) and continue to whisk aggressively. add back to pan with chicken and broccoli – mix in and shave some fresh parm over it.

finish cooking pasta (al dente, roughly 8-9 mins) when you strain pasta, retain some of (a cup+?) of the pasta water, and add with pasta to the chicken/broccoli and finish cooking the pasta in the sauce.

Serve and enjoy. I made a pound of pasta because I really like this dish as a leftover, this did not make the broccoli or chicken all that scant. But adjust to taste.

just as good the next day....

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