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Posted on November 19, 2011


In the freezer (the very full freezer) there’s a variety of meat that I buy while it’s on sale and then stuff into freezer safe containers, and sometimes forget about. Thus, we end up with with a full freezer, and the other night we had pork chops cause after a quick phone call to see what we had kicking around, this is what was chosen for supper.

I think this meal could probably be made in under 30 mins. I have yet to try to time myself, cause I clearly need no more stress added to my life at the moment – thankyouverymuch! But if you don’t have to stop and wash the things you need every time you are looking for something, then it’s totally feasible. Just don’t get distracted*…


Yes. We ate in our PJs. Yes, I was STARVING. Who needs to be civilized and take several smaller plates of food when you can just stuff your plate full and stay put?! I made a small thing of mashed potatoes, and for the first time, I’m pretty sure we didn’t have any left overs!

Mashed Potatoes  (literally 2-3 servings)
7 small white potatoes (they were 3 lb bags “buy one, get one” since it’s pre-thanksgiving sale time…)
wash, skin, wash, cut up into similar size pieces so they cook evenly
boil water (this point is always a mystery to me, boil water first, boil water with potatoes in them? what the hell, does it matter? somebody once said something about starches and the longer they were in water, something….)
cook until you can easily push a fork through
drain, then add 1-2 tbspns butter, begin to mash, add milk until you reach desired consistency
season to taste

Parsnips & Carrots

2 carrots: washed, peeled, cut into bite sized pieces
2 parsnips washed, peeled, cut into “carrot size” pieces

boil lightly salted water, toss in, cook until tender
1 tbspn butter, and or season to taste – I went savory with a bunch of pepper and a little salt, sometimes a sweet “dressing” is kinda nice on these

(rice pilaf is from a box cause I am lazy when it comes to rice…)

Pork Chops

I have this thing about rinsing meats. I’m not sure, maybe it dates back to when I was a toddler and my mum tells me (or anybody who’ll listen) that I used to rinse off my foods (ALL foods) like a raccoon. Maybe that’s why I wash them so thoroughly now? Anywho…

take 3 thinly sliced pork chops (it said something about center cut something on the package…)
rinse (or, maybe you are less neurotic?)
trim all fat
pat dry

take three plates or one plate and make sure your counter is REALLY clean, and set up your breading stuffs
1 egg
1/2 (or more as needed – I like to start with a very little bit and add as I need it, so I don’t waste flour!)

I made croutons about … a week or so previous out of a loaf of bread I’d made the week before, and so I decided the bread would continue and become breadcrumbs!

Take bag of homemade croutons and either put in food processor (smart move) or turn up music on headphones and whack it against the counter possibly annoying whomever else is home (what I chose to do) these came out more like panko style, cause they were very “roughly” crushed, but I have a tendency to overseason my croutons, so I assumed they would be really good to bread meats with.

Heat up (on med-hi) some oil (I used veggie oil) in a pan large enough so that your chops can all fit and you can see the edges browning on them. cook on one side, until you see the edges beginning to brown, flip and here is the moment of truth —-

*if you become distracted by the multitude of dirty dishes, just back away from it and pay close attention to your food which is frying, cause sometimes you can accidently burn your dinner, and that is not fun.

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