in the deep freeze

Posted on September 15, 2011



I have been bombarded by a million or so peppers the past few weeks of my CSA share. I decided the other day that I would freeze most of them.

I now have:

8 bell peppers cut and ready to go for stuffed peppers
10-12 bell/mini sweet peppers all cut up and ready to add to stirfry or sauce or something
5 jalapenos that are cut in half and ready to find their way into some sort of meal…

It’s almost not right how full of foods the freezer gets. Then for a few weeks I use up LOADS of stuff from the freezer, and then have to start the process of saving and memorizing what it is and when it went in there… Oy. We shall see how well we do this winter hopefully using up CSA veggies so I won’t have to buy any overpriced things at the grocery store too often.

Tomorrow I will freeze several ears of sweet corn.

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