husk cherry tarts

Posted on September 15, 2011


these are "husk cherries"

you pick the ones that have fallen to the ground. it doesn’t matter if the husk looks all funky, cause it’s really a tomatillo inside. as long as the husk hasn’t gotten all moldy and crap, you’ll be fine. unwrap these babies, wash them thoroughly, and make yourself a pie crust.

I used a pie crust that I had in the freezer, it was a kind of heavy, not so sweet dough that I like to use for chicken pot pie, or something savory, as opposed to sweet.

use a muffin tin, or pie pan or whatever you have

i only had a pint of husk cherries, so i only wanted to make 6 little tarts.

see: six.

I could’ve greased the pan a bit more than I did, I think, but I was talking on the phone while setting this up, and failed to pay attention at that somewhat crucial moment.

fill um up. sprinkle with sugar (i used about 1 1/2 tsp, white granulated) and then put teeny little pie crust tops on them. i used two different size glasses that we had in the cupboard to cut the shapes out, it made things slightly easier to handle, but cutting them would’ve taken just about as much time, in the end.

poke a few holes so they can breathe

bake until brown, in a 300 degree oven this took a fairly long time, but i was trying to do laundry, clean dishes, take a shower, and didn’t want to deal with these before I was done running around like crazy.

they tasted pretty good!

notes: thin, sweeter crust; a little smidge more sugar next time

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