Enchilada, the WHOLE enchilada.

Posted on August 19, 2011


some beans and meats - why do I always run past the stove while snapping photos? I don't have three hands...

After my bean fiasco the other night when I made ribs and cornbread, I was left with so many beans it was disgusting.

I decided to do a quick shopping trip at a store I don’t usually go to after work to grab up a few ingredients to male some enchiladas. I am a great eater of enchiladas, but I’d never made them.

My thoughts were as follows:
It can’t be too hard to make.
The ingredients should be fairly cheap and easy to find.
One pack of 12 corn tortillas won’t make that much food, we might be hungry later.

I stopped in at one of the local Johnnie’s, which I usually avoid cause they seem to be more expensive than necessary, and have a deceivingly small selection of “ethnic foods” but after a long sweaty day at work, I hardly ever have the patience for the circus that is Market Basket.

Tom sauce, green chilis, corn tortillas, I seriously only had beans and a desire to eat enchiladas… I should try to plan meals around the foods I already have in the pantry. Really should.

the special sauce


after we tore into them, they looked like this!

Final thoughts:
More focus while cooking leads to fewer mistakes.
Enchiladas are slippery muthas. Damn.
Use proper sized pans. Even if it means more dishes later.
That was a LOT of food.
Could’ve been spicier.
Roux when done wrong looks like cat vomit.

see, looks like vomit.

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