pizza sauce

Posted on August 17, 2011


We have been eating a lot of homemade pizzas these days. I still have yet to make my own dough, because I couldn’t find a recipe I wanted to try, usually there are timing issues (aka, work) that make it really difficult for me to have enough time to make something as time consuming as a dough or a bread that needs to raise for quite some time… Also, I haven’t bought a decent amount of flour in a LONG time.

most of this went into the sauce...

I usually have at least one cookbook in the kitchen, even if I haven’t opened it in a while, I sometimes use it as a tray, or a coaster, or something to put all my ingredients on (as see above) to set them aside from my little workspace.

The day that I made this pizza sauce, was the day that I got my food processor. Pretty pissah. The thing is TEENY. It’s a 4 c “prep” processor. It’s a good first one, and it was cheap. gave me a pretty good deal on shipping too.


1 onion
a few cloves of garlic
about 5-6 tomatoes (depending on size)
spices/herbs (fresh is always better!) of the italian persuasion…

sauce when finished

The only thing to remember is to not put the tomatoes in whole, especially if you have a microscopic (4 cup) food processor like I do. Chop them in 8ths, maybe, and make sure that you only make as much as your blade can handle, cause you don’t want to heat up that motor too much, but you do want pretty smooth sauce.

then, you can make pizzas like this....

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