shrimp, fried chicken and roasted vegetables

Posted on August 9, 2011


Some time last week – the days are all dragging together in strange ways. I like to blame it on the heat, it may not be the actual cause, it could be that I’m all furtootsed on my own.

shrimp sauted in garlic

One day the other week, I decided to use what I had for dinner instead of go food shopping. So what happens when somebody starts telling you a fairly involved story that they want you to take part in, is… you can forget to shuck the shrimp, or however you say, peel them? Take their little skins off. I forgot. GAWD. Let’s just pretend that I was focused and remembered to do this and move on to what else I remembered to put in the pan…

2+/- TBS evoo
onion (see? not focused, I picked the onions out, when they were a little translucent, the oil still smelled oniony, which ended up being decent for the flavor)
a clove of fresh garlic from my CSA diced
1/2 garlic scape diced
1 (+/-) lb of shrimp

Pretty good, but a pain in the ass to peel as you eat. Next time, oh, next time I’ll remember to do this the right way.

roasted vegetables from the CSA

Roasted vegetables: grab a variety of root vegetables from fridge, cut to similar size pieces. Dice onion, garlic, toss with a few tablespoons of evoo and cover and bake until soft, uncover and brown a little bit.

I’ve been cooking with less salt lately, just cause we’ve been eating a lot of vegetables which I don’t really feel like they need salt added. You could add salt to these, but I like to just put pepper, sometimes a pinch of salt when tossing with evoo, but sometimes I choose not to, or forget to…

Fried chicken: it’s a secret recipe, so I can’t say what I do… But it’s always best to tenderize the meat a bit, I think. It cooks faster….? It’s easier to chew too.

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