Taco Wednesday

Posted on July 24, 2011


poor little bugger was in the swap box at the csa

Who says anything conjoined has to be creepy?! I ditched some kale and grabbed this bad boy out of the swap box at my csa pick up the other day. Why not. Just as good as any normal lookin one, right?

I chopped this up, with some sweet onion (from my csa) and some tobasco habenero sauce, some chili pepper and regular black pepper and a bit of salt.

corn and taco fillings

I got corn from my csa too. SEVEN cobs, holy… wait, we do call them cobs, right? I cooked them, bagged them, put them in the fridge, but seriously… I think I’m going to make cornbread out of them, cause I just can’t see what the christ else to do with them that is remotely interesting… salsa doesn’t count. Cause, I need plain salsa. I can’t eff with that weird different flavored stuff…

gluttonous self serving....

I opted for a “taco salad” cause I was far too hungry to fill the damn things, and I just wanted to eat. Plus I wanted a LOT more veggies than I did meat, rice or breans. I have to say that this is the third time I’ve tried Old El Paso rice (yes, the kind that you microwave… pssssst! we don’t have AC or any fans other than in our bedroom! I refuse to be embarrassed.) I have to say that I think is sucks, officially. I’m not sure if it’s cause it’s in a plastic bag, and you zap it to “cook” it, and they all taste that way… or if it’s this ‘fiesta rice’ crap that just tastes like crap. Either way, I went with a TON of lettuce, most of the summer squash, and lots of onions and tomatoes.

Lots of the stuff I didn’t get from my CSA (read: all things that were not fresh) came from ALDI, with one last minute stop at Stop & Shop to get refried bean and rice, which… much to my chagrin we could’ve gone without….

Only one or two of the corn cobs were eaten. I will now have to make cornbread. I am in search of a recipe that will include all the corn I have. 5 good size pieces of corn.

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