Posted on July 16, 2011


sausage, pepper and onion pizza on whole wheat dough

The thing that I should have down by now, is when I go shopping grab a few things that are versatile enough to use for a few meals, and yet — I manage to be food shopping

Whole wheat pizza dough from Stop & Shop it turns out, is not very tasty.

I thought I had pizza sauce, it was pasta sauce that I had…

I thought I had mozzarella cheese, anything but: mexican blend, cheddar, Monterey jack, parm, and blue. Ugh. I did a cheddar/parm mix.

peppercorn pork tenderloin, roasted vegetables, and green beans with lemon/butter

Cleaning out the fridge in order for a ton of new things to fit in, it seems like I do it ALLL the time. Wednesday night, no different.

New potatoes from my CSA, as well as little carrots. Scrubbed and chopped up, lightly covered in EVOO, and lightly salted, peppered. Chopped up a few inches of a garlic scape, and an onion from my last weeks CSA share. Toss and baked with foil on for about 20 mins (or until tender) then slightly crisped, baked without foil.

Peppercorn tenderloin from ALDI, baked at 375 for about 20 mins, it was REALLY peppery. Like almost too peppery, and I really like pepper.

Now to figure out what to do with this ‘uge piece fennel I got from my CSA…

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