Burgers, dogs, and beer

Posted on July 7, 2011


Tonight, we had “empty the fridge onto a plate and love it”- an old family tradition…

I got some hamburger yesterday, and knew it’d be toast after tonight, so burgers it was.

I had entertained the idea of a salad, but like a moron, I forgot to pick up my CSA share last night. Really!? Really. Well done, you! No salad.

4 burgers, a slice of the only cheese (other than feta, or grated parm) I have currently: American on each. I cook them in a pan, but drain out the grease every so often so it’s not raunchy.

1) arugula, left overs from a million salads and some pizzas, and tomorrow is trash night!
2) half an onion chopped into long thin slices (save other half for pasta salad tomorrow night)
3) one tomato sliced as thin as possible
4) remaining lettuce from crisper drawer, though I had to throw out most of it cause it was all wet and gross.

Passible meal, not great. It’s the second ‘not bad, just… Not great’ meal I’ve made in a row. Ugh. I hate hot weather. It makes me so unmotivated. It’s disgusting, really.

Last night’s just-ok-meal:
Garlic, onion, butter, evoo, pan: til it smells good.
Three chicken thighs (fat cut off) cut into small bite sized pieces: into the pan.
6-8 grape tomatoes cut into 6ths? 8ths? Small, that’s my point. Small.
Salt & pepper and parmesan cheese to taste

We had it over pasta with pesto. Not bad, just not great. What can I say, I wanted to cook something I could turn on and walk away from, it was practically 100 degrees in the house, and I try to take the heat. Sometimes it takes me.

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