What is a meal without carbs?! No meal at all, I say!

Posted on June 22, 2011



It’s the first day of summer! It felt pretty much appropriately warm, somewhere in the 80’s for most of the day. Once home I didn’t want to touch any dirty dishes, or think of making dinner, the irony is that I stopped at the grocery store on the way home FOR dinner foods…

Hunger got the best of me, like it usually does. Plus the impending fear of having MORE vegetables from the CSA tomorrow night to try to stuff in the crisper drawers made me focused on getting as many vegetables into the meal as possible!

I got my bf to heat up the grill, while he did that I prepped most of the food. Asparagus, cleaned and stem bottoms chopped off. Drizzled a few tbs of evoo on top of them.

Salmon steaks (the two together were just shy of 1.25 lbs) which I’ve never dealt with before (I’m more of a fillet type of a gal) looked pretty good. I felt a few teeny bones in one of them, but whatever. It’s a fish. It has bones in it. Pick around. He glazed the steaks in lemon juice and melted butter and tossed them on the grill with the asparagus.

Word on the street is that 18 minutes total (moving a quarter of the way through to get good grill lines) then flipping gently halfway through is the way to cook these badboys. I agree, they were cooked to perfection! Nice and juicy, but still tender and falling apart at the touch of a fork.

Asparagus is more of a looking and touching thing. They looked browned at the ends, and when pressed with spatula (or whatever grilling accessories of that nature are called…) they bend under light pressure.

Crazy empty the fridge pasta salad: I found a 1/2 lb of rotini in the pantry, and figured, carbs were what we’d been missing. I put a little evoo and balsamic vinegar on the pasta after it cooled a little. (Balsamic makes it look icky, and weird, but didn’t taste horrid) I blanched a half of a diced garlic scape (reserving the rest for marinade), a few pieces of asparagus, cut up very small, and some zucchini. It was very green! I added these after running under cold water to cool. Topped with feta cheese- not bad, should’ve been made beforehand and refrigerated. Would’ve been better. But still totally edible.



Least exciting green salad of all time: romaine lettuce (from CSA), and green peppers, Italian to dress.

For tomorrow, 1.5 lb of steak, chopped to reasonably small pieces (little larger than bite sized) in a bag with worcestor sauce, Italian dressing and some Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, diced garlic scapes (CSA) and a little salt and pepper.

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