Posted on June 22, 2011


It is my understanding that a true kebab is supposed to hold very little in the way of vegetables. It should be stuffed with meat, and then maybe eaten with a salad and some dressing in lavash, or some other bread of that type. I, did not, however end up doing that… Today was my 3rd pickup of my CSA share!

kebabs at 5mph...

My motivation was grilling – which I have hardly ever done before. The rain has set in. Though it has finally killed a bit of the humidity, this is still no weather to be operating and oven in. Not on my watch… I have cooked maybe half a dozen things on a grill in my life. I wish I’d had more practice, but I guess I’ll have to get that all in this summer.


Half the meat was marinated from the night before, the rest was so that we could have enough food for all of us to eat – once it got prepped, more people showed up hungry!

I chopped up 1 large onion in 1″sq pieces (or close to it) and about 2 lbs of steak in roughly the same size and shape. I took 5 peppers (in various shapes, colors, and sizes) and cut them into 8ths… or roughly the size of a golf ball…? Stabbed all these things in a variety of ways and made almost 20 skewers! Holy hell! I thought we would be eating this stuff for a week!

I got one of the guys to set up the grill for me, while I finished the rest of the meal. Once on, they cooked fairly quickly. If you know what steak looks like when it’s cooked, you are golden… I wonder if I was supposed to put the skewers in water or something before I used them… They burnt at the ends really quickly! Research for next time…

kebabs : ready to eat

I made really very plain risotto, just few tablespoons of butter and evoo, with some garlic scapes (CSA) and onions. Then the rice and about three cups of chicken broth. I have to say that I am not a huge fan of the taste of chicken broth. All mixed up with the items ripped from the skewers, it didn’t taste horrid, but it didn’t taste like much. One person said it tasted like cardboard. The other two really liked it. I thought it was so-so. Mmmm. New recipe is in order, I think.

Salad consisted of: mescaline mix (CSA), cucumbers (CSA), and carrots (CSA)  and some of the left over peppers from the kebab making venture. I made a few hard boiled eggs to have in the salad too – some protein never hurt anyone, right?

Not half bad, if I may say so myself… There is still a decent amount of steak left over too. Which will be made into steak tips for tomorrow, which will be eaten with pizza. If all goes well…

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