Hows ya burger?!

Posted on June 7, 2011




Tonight was attempt number one of making my own burgers (sans grill) cause I always feel like it’s a little silly to buy already packaged hamburgers, how much work can it be…..


I chopped up a teeny yellow onion, diced really finely, and did the same to a cherry pepper. I then tried to chop up a few slices of american cheese (read: smushed two slices of american cheese into each other with a 9″ knife then tried to pry them apart again…) to try to mimic a few burgers that we had last summer (care of S&S) that featured cheddar cheese and jalapenos. I am not a huge fan of american cheese, generally speaking… now that I spent some part of my evening fighting with it, I’m even less so.


I had about a half a box left of pasta, and feta cheese was on sale… To me, this means : pasta salad! I tried to empty out the crisper drawer as much as possible, so on top of 1/2 lb pasta was : 1 tomato, a whole cucumber, a green pepper, lots of feta, and some salt and pepper. Italian dressing is a must, where I’m from, but I like to put it in right after I made the salad and chill in for a few mins, so the pasta doesn’t stick to itself.

Fairly quick meal, under 30 mins? Maybe! I seem to freak out about having hamburgers and the like cook ALL the way through… not sure why; perhaps its because I feel like I shouldn’t cut into a hamburger, and instinctively know when it’s done? I will concur this red meat thing by fall. I guarantee it. Also, if I could cook them on a grill instead of on a pan in the kitchen… that’d be so awesome! I hate having to toss that much fat into the trash, ugh. Gross.




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