two cute

Posted on January 24, 2011


little banana loaves!

awww, fer cute...

I made these little guys on Sunday evening as well, once the epic soup making was all done. I followed the Joy Of Cooking recipe – didn’t add the optional nuts (cause I’m allergic…) or dried fruit (cause that sounds wicked gross to me!) and only had two VERY BROWN bananas, I should’ve had three. Would’ve been a nicer consistency.

what went in

The recipe states that you can either use butter, or the equivalent of vegetable shortening. Seriously, when you come across this, don’t do what I did. Instead use your judgement. There is a time and a place for vegetable shortening, and this is not one of them. Plus, once that shit is on anything – good luck washing it off. It is such a huge pain in the ass, plus I don’t like the way it feels when it’s on my hands. Gross. The bread probably would’ve turned out slightly less dry if I’d used butter instead.

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