to simmer down, Sunday

Posted on January 24, 2011


Pea soup. It really shouldn’t be hard to make. Somehow I put way way way too much water in the pot – perhaps because I used my “boiled dinner”/stockpot? Also, the ham hock that I used was really rather large, so covering it with water was no easy task. Pea soup at this point looks really gross, I think. Oily and crap floating all over the place.

pea soup when it’s not pretty

I failed to simmer the soup for long enough. I thought I spent a lot longer time cooking this soup than the first time I’d made pea soup… guess not! I had to go back and simmer it down again, cause the water kept getting separated from the peas, ecc. I added another bag of split peas, and some more spices when I simmered the soup again. I spent a great deal of time looking at the pot of soup, I had time to google what it meant to simmer something.
To simmer: is to keep something below it’s boiling point, it’s by definition what a crock pot does, it’s one of the four Japanese cooking techniques and above all – it’s usually where my temper can be found.

this stuff goes in too!

I really like to put carrots and potatoes in my pea soup – why? Cause my boyfriend said it’s the way that his mum makes it, and the other option was not to add anything and I really couldn’t imagine that I would like split peas THAT much to eat them alone. So, we add them. Enough to make the soup a big chunkier, but not overwhelmingly full of carrots and potatoes. It still wants to be mostly pea based…

when it’s all done, it goes in the freezer!

I added adobo spices, and another pound of split peas, salt and pepper to the soup, and HOOORAH. It worked. It only took about two hours to cook off all of the water, and make sure that the peas I added were breaking down at a good enough rate to let the pots just cool down slowly until I was able to pack it up into freezer containers. Now I’ve got tons of soup stuffed into the freezer. Must go find friends who want some pea soup…

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