from pot to pie

Posted on January 23, 2011


boiling a whole chicken

I love to eat chicken pot pie. I love to make it for other people. I like almost everything about it, until it comes to the very beginning of the process. So, I immediately don’t like it, the boiling chicken part. SUCKS. It takes so long. I almost never have any patience for it, which is really too bad. It’s the best way to get all of the chicken off the bone. If I was also crafty or organized enough to make some kind of chicken soup at the same time, I wouldn’t waste all the chicken bones after the boiling is done.

Since it takes almost a MILLION YEARS, also known as almost 2 hours (at times) to boil a whole chicken down enough to fall apart with forks. I sometimes put the chicken in the fridge overnight and then make the rest of the pie the next day.

this stuff is filling


I like to add these things to my recipe:

somewhere around a stick of butter (for 4 pies)
At least one onion – diced.
up to a cup of diced (or even grated, if I’m not really feeling it…) celery
carrots (fresh, cut up to smaller than bite sized pieces)
potatoes (cook separately, until still a little tough to stick a fork in, so nothing gets mushy and gross)
shredded/diced chicken (at least a cup for each pie you are making)
flour to dry out the chicken and butter…
white wine – never optional for me
chicken broth/stock
cream/simply smart combo instead of straight cream
and then watch as it’s true beauty starts to show!

toss in deep pie pan or casserole dish, cover with a tasty crust recipe!

mmmmmmm, PIE!

cook until the crust is a beautiful golden color and the insides gets a bit bubbly. if you filled the pies up wicked high, remember to cover the bottom of the oven, or put them on a cookie sheet covered in tin foil or whatever will be the easiest to clean up.

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