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Posted on January 20, 2011


Tonight I was tired and frustrated by a long and annoying week. The stress had gotten the better of me, and I have been too tired when I leave work to go to the gym… Which would’ve probably given me a boost in energy and knocked the bitchiness right out of me. C’est la vie! Next week I’ll make it fit my schedule, no matter what. I really should this time of year, the water in the showers there is way hotter than at the house, plus… anything to delay our buying more goddamn oil!

I will now get off the soapbox about my week, and talk about food. I went shopping with my friend EG – she was getting all her ingredients for making pickles this weekend, and I needed to get my mind off of … everything. We went to the market basket in Chelsea, holy crap. I think I’m in L.O.V.E!

I came home with some WARM bread. SO SOFT, so lovely. I will definitely be going back there and probably will end up doubling my carb intake, I’m going to urge/force EG to go to this market basket at least once a week. We both cook often, and google up some recipes and then come back with an entirely new shopping list. Oy vey – this is gonna be good. I can’t wait!

I brought all my purchases upstairs, and decided that my bf and I should enjoy this bread, PRONTO! I decided that we would be eating grilled cheese, on fresh/still steamy hot italian bread, with slices of ham, and freshly grated fontina and monterey jack cheeses with a little spirt of spicy mustard. Ooooh boy! It was good. I could only handle 2, they were the size of my palm, maybe smaller. My bf ate FOUR of them. Mmm-mmm-tasty.

Once all my sammiches were on the grill, I started hacking away at my whole chicken. Apparently when you buy an organic chicken at Shaw’s… they don’t bag the guts inside. I got intestines inbetween my fingers and almost horked all over the damn place. ew.

Boiled that bad boy for a LONG ASS TIME. I usually don’t have the patience for boiling chicken for my pot pies! It takes forever, it seems. I really should do it more often, it’s way more economical. You take all the meat off the bones. So easy to make sure you have ALL that meat. Also, if you aren’t as exhausted as I have been, or have such a psycho cooking schedule planned (by strange choices of shopping… dug that hole, yeah…) meh, I would’ve kept the broth and made some chicken soup or something, but I was just not interested. I needed to lie down and finish my beer and watch the weather, dammit. Nah, I just didn’t really want to do anything, and the fridge was TOTALLY FULL!

I can’t remember what size the chicken I got was… But I want to say it was about… 6lbs? Maybe more, maybe less. I got a large container full of meat from it. I’m gonna be doing this boiling thing again tomorrow night when I make/freeze my split pea soups. Hell yeah, baby. I just wish I had more space in the friggin fridge… Maybe I need to go to craigslist and look for a little freezer? Maybe…

I hope tomorrow is a snow day so I can cook all day long!

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