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Posted on January 19, 2011


I went food shopping today (for the first time in… a long time), and tried to make the most efficient list I’ve ever attempted! I filled an 8.5X11 page of paper with all kinds of things, and tried my best to stick to the list.

I took my little sister with me, cause we were out shopping already after work. I find it easier to stick to a list when somebody is there with me – especially if they don’t really want to be there… We spent a fairly long time walking around the store, since it was organized in a strange fashion, but I only really picked up three small things that were not on the list! Bravo! That’s almost a first… I spent about $90, I want to see how long I can stretch these items.


That is a ham... it's about 6.5 lbs! Smallest one we could find that didn't say "butt" on it...

For dinner, I used the rice pilaf that was left over from last night’s dinner* since I made two boxes, don’t ask me why… I grabbed the ham straight out of my shopping bag, preheated the oven to 330 degrees, and rinsed off the ham, stuck it in a large pyrex – covered it with a bit of tin foil, and popped it in the oven for TWO FRIGGIN HOURS! No wonder I don’t make ham all that often… I tossed the idea about making my own glaze for a little while, and instead of doing that, I decided to make some other parts of meals for the rest of the week! Also, I made a little pot of green beans – cause I’m on a kick? – and tossed a little bit of butter on them. VWAAAALLLAAAAH. Supper.

I like to make sauce, it allows me to make tasty lasagna later on. I grabbed a thing of ground beef (1.45lbs?) and a pack of hot italian sausage while at the grocery, so I rounded up the other things that I had in my pantry to start the sauce.

the beginning of a sauce...

I used different onions, cause those ones were actually really gross. Really old. And the little tube of herbs to the right of the garlic? That’s pesto, not italian herbs… Thankfully I looked at it before I tossed it in the pot!

meat, onion, garlic and a bit of tomato paste, with a bunch of fresh basil tossed in

I put some red wine in this sauce, cause I figured… It was on the pantry shelf, why not?! I like wine, and people who can’t taste that it’s wine – like it too! I put maybe a cup in, total? I don’t usually measure anything when I make sauce… Which is kind of a shame, cause it would me cool to be able to repeat these things sometimes in a more exact manner…


4.5 hours later...

Very yummy! It was easy to get it all together and just remember to stir it until the ham was done. Once I could leave the sauce alone – and only go back to stir it occasionally… I decided to make some pie crusts and freeze them as well – I got a whole chicken today, so this means chicken pot pie later…

pie crust ingredients... plus salt!

I don’t actually like to make pie crusts in the electric mixer – but it was the largest bowl I could find, and I couldn’t see what I could do without a pastry cutter, and I’m super paranoid about scratching the bowl to my mixer… So I end up mixing it by hand in the end, which is gross… I hate getting shortening on my hands – it feels like it will NEVER come off.

freezer shelf filled with sauces!

I ended up with only 16 cups of sauce. Which seems like it’s not that much for all the time it takes, but then I remember that it’s really only the two of us eating, and I have enough time on the weekends, or in the evening to make some more if I need to — especially before the fresh herbs I got get brown.

these are for tomorrow...

I definitely do not plan to make anything by combining these two things. That would be one of the most disgusting ideas… ever. I need to make a little loaf of banana bread, and boil a chicken for my pot pie!

I packed leftovers from tonight’s dinner for lunch at work tomorrow for my dad and I, I need to find a few more ways to use up this massive ham before I boil it down into pea soup stock. Maybe some grilled cheeses with ham? Omelet? Quiche? Mmmmm….

*MLK dinner was: chicken baked with evoo, pepper, salt, garlic powder and panko bread crumbs, rice pilaf, and green beans with lemon juice and butter.

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