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Posted on December 2, 2010


I have been on “bed rest” since Saturday. There is probably nothing worse than being out of work for almost a full work week, and not being able to stand for more than five minutes at a time! Really. Do you know how many things can be done in 5 minutes? I’ll tell you… Not too damn much. I saved myself a decent amount of aggravation about two weeks ago though, and here is how it relates to food…

I like to make and freeze meals. I am really not sure why I haven’t always done this… It just occurred to me about two months ago, and since then I haven’t stopped. Since Saturday we’ve done a bit of picking away at left-overs, cleaning out the pantry, fridge, and mostly the freezer. This was especially helpful for me not to go to the grocery store – did I mention I haven’t been allowed to carry anything? Yeah, that’s fun too…

For lunch on Sunday I grabbed a container of pea soup out of the freezer, and heated up a few rolls we inherrited from Thanksgiving dinner at my boyfriend’s aunt’s house. Lunch. Took about 10 minutes to heat up and serve. Pretty tasty, if I may say so myself. I made the soup with potatoes, carrots and green split peas… I originally made it to use up the rest of a ham I made for Sunday dinner.

Note to self: it will take longer to cook ham bone than you think to make water taste like anything remotely hammy or good.

In preparation for Thanksgiving I bought enough apples to kill a small family. I somehow thought I was going to make enough pies to use up two full bags of apples – was I nuts?! I ate a bunch of them before I even made the first pie… Now, three pies later, I am left with an almost full bag of apples. If I had it in me to make one more pie crust, I might be safe, but… seriously, the pie thing is getting tiring. I don’t have a food processor either, so it’s all by hand. It just so happens that cutting up cold butter by hand is not as fun as it sounds. I made a version of apple pie and crust that I found in the Yankee magazine. I’ll add info about that later, but it was great the first time I made it, with wicked fresh apples. It was a bit soupy this time when I made it… Not sure why, but it still tasted really good!

pie crust by hand

pie crust mixed by hand, in my favorite mixing bowl (4.99 @ TJMAXX)

Monday: I used up all the broccoli in the crisper drawer that was about to get yucky, if left to it’s own devices. I cooked some garlic and cheese italian sausages (which were S&S brand, and outrageously greasy!) and a package of tortellini that I found at the back of my pantry shelf. It was enough food to feed both my boyfriend, myself and roommate #1.

Tuesday, my boyfriend felt sick enough to only want to eat progresso chicken/rice soup. So he had that and crackers, I went to my parent’s house to do my laundry (have my sisters do my laundry) cause our dryer managed to break itself this week too. When it rains, it pours. My mum treated my sisters and I to mexican food. We ordered it from Foodler, about AN HOUR later it showed up. I had almost forgotten about food entirely by then. My sisters got semitas, I got a taco plate. Pretty good.

Last night I made a baked chicken, Julia Child was probably rolling over in her grave, I trussed it in the most outrageously ghetto way possible… really a sight for sore eyes! I made stuffing (out of a bag, gimmie a break! I did this all while sitting!), sweet potatoes (which were about to be no good), and carrots (just, plain, boiled, with a little butter and a pinch of pepper and a smaller pinch of sugar) – the pantry was significantly cleaner after this meal. The sink was, however, full of dishes.

My biggest worry was that my poor ghetto-bondage-chicken was not cooked all the way though. I cooked it for about an hour and 15 minutes, which is approximately what I think a chicken just under 4lbs needs to cook for… The juices were running clear from it, but the legs didn’t move ‘freely’ as the New York Times cookbook promised me it would. I jabbed the poor bastard with a thermometor a few times, and it assured me the inside had reached 180 degrees. We ate it, we’re not dead…

I made two apple pies last night as well. It is possible to do while only standing five minutes at a time. You just have to plan ahead, and work some strange arm muscles to roll out dough while sitting (least favorite part) then you get to chill while the they cook for about an hour. Not bad. I pawned one off on my cousin, and so now I just need to bug all these guys I live with to eat it before it goes bad. I wonder what the life of a pie in the fridge really should be…

Tonight we ate the same meal from last night, I saved the rest of the chicken meat for chicken pot pie, and I tossed some corn and the last of the thanksgiving rolls on the plate to make it look a little different from last night. Worked like a charm! The fridge hardly needs to be emptied for trash day tomorrow! I am also returning to work tomorrow! Thank god! I was about to go frigging insane!

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