thanksgiving in tee-minus…

Posted on November 21, 2010


I decided today that I would get into the feel of the holidays. I was at the grocery store looking for select few items to fill out a meal, and I realized that all I could see were people grabbing the ingredients for their thanksgiving meals. They were not being nice about it. I almost grabbed the same stuffing bread as some other lady, she gave me dagger eyes!

I decided to make two chicken breasts, stuffing and some sweet potato oven fries. Or, the lazy man’s Thanksgiving Dinner. I haven’t made stuffing or anything with sweet potatoes in a year. I wanted to make sure I still knew what I was doing… It looks a bit like I was running in place while taking this photo – but these were very tasty! They are better when you can spend enough time to make sure they are similarly sized, and greased evenly. I like to toss them in a bowl with a few tablespoons on olive oil, and then with salt and pepper for taste.

S.P/ fries

I made stuffing, I used the kind that comes in a bag – cause it’s Sunday and I was more interested in laying down sooner rather than later, than making something from scratch. I added a cup of diced onions, a cup of diced celery, two cups of chicken broth (the brand that was on sale) and tossed it in a greased dish, baddaboom. There it is. I LOVE STUFFING!

I made some strange combo of vegetables that were in the crisper drawer, and a few pieces of chicken. I wanted to ’round out’ what I was gonna plate, and have it be less about… carbs than anything else. I don’t think I should have cooked all of these things at the same time… Oven fries do much better at 450* for about 40 mins, and stuffing likes to be cooked at 350* for 30 mins… The chicken, had a mind of it’s own. It didn’t help that my boyfriend had a break in the football game and came wandering in looking around asking where all the food was?!?!? I rushed it, and the chicken/veg didn’t come out quite like I wanted it to. Meh, I was kind of chancing it all along. I like to think I know what I’m doing though.

We now will be eating it for supper tomorrow as well, as usual, I cooked enough to feed about 6 people. It’s just been the two of us eating for about two years straight (except Sunday Dinner) and I still haven’t been able to scale down with any consistency.

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