Living with these guys…

Posted on November 21, 2010


Sometimes I dislike coming home from work and making dinner. Usually it’s because I’ve walked into the kitchen and roommates #1, and #2 have left all their dishes everywhere. My boyfriend sometimes doesn’t even eat lunch while he’s home early from work, and is starving when I’m ready to kick off my workboots and rest my eyes…everything IN the kitchen sink

I walk into the kitchen and this is what I find, a horrifyingly full sink of dishes. Sitting sometimes in food scraps, for days with water and beers poured out over them. When left to their own devices, these guys don’t do very well. It also makes my life more of a juggling trick to make things clean enough to try to make anything worth touching (let alone EAT) come out of the kitchen. Tonight was one of those nights. I usually don’t make Sunday dinner at home. We are usually watching football all day at my BF’s little brother’s house, and so I make do with his kitchen and ignore the dishes for one more day. Not so lucky tonight!

Roommate #1’s girlfriend is sometimes here, she cooks the same four things that smell up the house (not in a good way) for DAYS, and she often does her dishes, which while I appreciate the gesture, they are usually still covered with soap! I then wash them a second time before use, or putting them away. You can tell that roommate #1 has been “cooking” when you see a bunch of crusted over dishes, or pots and pans still on the stove, or in the oven – took me a while to figure to look in there before preheating! Eek!

Roommate #2 hardly eats at home anymore. He keeps his beers in the fridge, and makes coffee sometimes – so I have to keep an eye on how much milk I have left, cause you never know! You can tell he’s been home if left overs are eaten, and some extra dishes are pushed into the sink, or if there are coffee mugs on the counter by the sink with spoons poking out, and the dregs of a creamy cup making it stick to the bottom.

My Rules:

  1. Do dishes while cooking, that way you can focus on getting the place cleaned up, and keep an eye on things while they cook.
  3. Walk away happy – and have the things you need next time!

Not too tough…

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